We only treat root canals, and we do it exceptionally well. It’s not just our specialty, it is our passion. Specialization combines formal knowledge and clinical experience to form a distinct set of skills – all earned to deliver the exceptional care you deserve.

As part of general dental education, all dentists receive some training in Endodontics (root canals). While some dentists do not perform any root canals, others do on a limited basis. Root canal therapy can be fairly straight forward or extremely complex. What all dentists recognize is that root canal therapy often presents challenges along the way. Your dentist has recognized this and has recommended we provide your endodontic care because they also want the very best for you.

A root canal treatment can pose certain challenges, for example: slender, delicate or extra roots, calcified root systems, severe root curves, previous canal fillings, obstructed canals or persistent infections. As an Endodontist, a board certified specialist in endodontic care, these challenges are encountered on a day-to-day basis.

To become an Endodontist, a degreed dentist must complete a formal residency program including two additional years learning endodontic theory and advanced endodontic techniques. To apply this advanced training into practice, we use state of the art equipment such as, endodontic microscopes, ultrasonic instruments and unique titanium devices.

Because we only treat root canals, our practice is focused on only one thing: Providing you the best possible root canal experience.

What does board certification mean?

A dental degree is awarded when one satisfies the minimal standards of skill and knowledge. A certificate of specialization is earned when one demonstrates proficiency in advanced skill and knowledge. Board Certification is granted when one passes a series of written, oral, and clinical examinations. This certification demonstrates and publically recognizes those who have shown exceptional knowledge and technical skills that maintain the high standard of excellence in the specialty of endodontics .

I was really afraid and your approach was so healing and supportive.

Maureen M.

Dr Moyer is by far the best endodontist my husband and I have ever used. His numbing shots are painless and he is extremely conscientious and thorough. THANK YOU DR. MOYER!

Lise M.

I am eternally grateful for your excellent/professional care and treatment for my root canals. I was happy that you took a more conservative and responsible approach towards my treatment…I look forward to filling your appointment book with many referrals.

Dan B.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my crumbling molar. I had NO problems — like it never happened.

Tom B.

The way Dr. Moyer took time to explain the root canal process was encouraging and his patience during my appointment was unprecedented in my experience with dentists. You make a difference!

Ruth P.

…a few have special talents – and you are one of those gifted ones. I thank you.


Your expertise, your quiet, yet confident assurances…have me singing your praises to friends and family. I never thought I’d use the words “great chair-side manner” but trust me you’ve got it!

Sue H.

I can really see that you truly enjoy what you do.

Theresa L.

I just wanted to thank you for making this whole situation (my root canal) bearable. Everything went better than expected – I never had any pain or discomfort!


Thanks for doing a difficult root canal and making it look easy.

Suzanne S.