Fees for root canal therapy are determined by tooth type, previous treatment and the complexity of the case. Although each case is individually quoted, fees generally range between $700 to $1700. The fee commonly includes:

  • Emergency treatment (during office hours)
  • Prescriptions (written)
  • Anesthetic
  • Health history and physician’s consultations
  • Instrumentation and cleaning of the root canal
  • Filling of the root canal
  • Placement of temporary outer filling
  • Reports to your general dentist, insurance carriers

Examination, diagnosis and treatment plan including diagnostic testing and all necessary x-rays are charged at separate fees. Additional procedures, i.e. surgery, consultations, after hours visits, etc. typically invoke additional fees.

Financial Policy

Dental insurance has been a wonderful means by which people are able to afford the dental care they require. As a courtesy to you, we will submit your dental insurance claims; however, keep in mind that dental insurance is a contract between you (the subscriber) and the insurance carrier. As we have no control over your insurance carrier’s method or amount of payment, all financial responsibility for incurred fees is ultimately yours.

Presently our office does not participate with any HMO’s, PPO’s, managed care plans, or networks.* Although Dr. Moyer may not be listed in your plan, we do work with and accept the majority of insurance plans. Most insurance plans even those with Preferred Provider Options (PPO) allow benefits to be paid on an “out of network” basis. The amount the insurance actually pays is typically the same for “in” or “out” of network providers. The difference is the amount you are responsible for. An “in network provider” has signed a contract whereby they agree to accept a discounted fee.

Please note most plans rarely cover 100% of your treatment costs. Most plans claim to cover 80%, yet due to many factors (UCR, maximum allowable benefit, etc.) the actual coverage may be closer to 66% or less. Because of this, patients with insurance (other that Delta Dental) are requested to pay 1/3 of the treatment fee at the time of service.

It pays to know the limitations and restrictions of your insurance plan. We suggest you contact your insurance provider or benefits coordinator to find out the specifics of your plans’ coverage.

In order for us to accept your insurance, the information must be complete and verifiable. Outstanding insurance balances of 90 days will be billed to the patient regardless of coverage. For those patients without dental insurance, payment is due in full at the time of service. Payment can be made in the form of cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. All fees are based on clinical requirements and are not influenced by the method of payment.

*Presently Dr. Moyer is a Delta Dental Premier Provider

Dental Insurance and Financial Policies FAQ