Dr Moyer with patient Tooth pain is often confused with the Root Canal procedure. When in fact, root canal therapy is used to relieve tooth pain which is most often caused by infection and inflammation. Our practice is focused on using superb techniques to relieve tooth pain — in a painless way. Through the use of modern anesthetics (Novocain like), advanced placement techniques and a better understanding of human biology, patients usually experience no discomfort. Nitrous oxide gas is not used, and you are not “put out” or sedated. Most people resume normal activities, including work, following their appointments.

What Is A Root Canal? Root Canal therapy is a highly specialized treatment. Yet from a patient’s perspective, it’s very similar to a conventional filling. Rather than removing decay or an old filling, root canal therapy removes the nerve tissue in the center most portion of the tooth. This nerve or pulp tissue can be safely and painlessly removed allowing a diseased or injured tooth to heal. Ultimately, this prevents  tooth loss.

The procedure starts with an examination. The tooth’s history, necessary x-rays, and clinical tests are all carefully evaluated to determine the need for treatment. Time permitting, indicated treatment may be started at the initial visit.

The actual procedure starts after profound numbness is obtained. The tooth is then opened from the top like a filling. Next, using very fine instruments the nerve chamber is thoroughly cleansed. Once completely shaped and disinfected, the space once occupied by nerves and blood vessels, is sealed by a biocompatible filling.

In root canal therapy, the roots stay and their contents (the nerve and blood vessels) are removed.

Following the root canal procedure the tooth will require a definitive restoration. Your dentist will place a filling to protect the biting surface. Because of previous deep fillings, dental decay and tooth cracks, a crown is often necessary to protect the tooth long term.

That was the BEST dental experience I have EVER had!

Linda A.

I was very nervous about a root canal…it was a pleasant experience from start to finish. Dr Moyer is the BEST!

Diane N.

Thank you for the great job you did on my sad tooth. I chew without fear once again!

Deb P.

I really appreciated the professional treatment and care I received from you and your staff during my root canal. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Steven H.

I meant it when I said it was the easiest oral procedure I ever went through. I was so excited when I was able to drink an ice cold soda, pain free!

Carla S.

I am still amazed that I was able to have some major dental work done without complications. I am so grateful.

Bonnie C.

Never thought I’d say it but thanks for the root canal!

Cynthia M.